5 Beaches you have to visit

In Sardinia, we decide the beach where to go in the morning after we have seen the wind direction because the game is to go always in a beach with the wind from the land.

In this way the sea is flat and the colors are as fantastic. To reach lonely beaches and snorkeling with colorful fishes you could join a Boat Tour with Ecosport Sardinia

1. LISCIA RUJA (Porto Cervo)

liscia-ruja 2

On the south side of Costa Smeralda, few km from Porto Cervo. It’s a really long beach with white sand and unbelievably clear water.

In the summertime, it’s a trendy beach for young people with cool bars on the sea, fresh fruits, and drinks. Wild juniper trees provide shades in the afternoon.

2. CALA COTICCIO (Caprera Island)

ssk_192103181_la_maddalena_cala_coticcio_elisa_locci_rsz 2

It’s a lonely cove on the east side of Caprera Island, reachable by boat or 2 hours trekking. Juniper trees, granite rocks, and clear water.

In July and August, the bay is packed with parked boats, it’s better to go early in the morning. Perfect when the wind is from the north-west. Bed choice with the east wind.

3. CALA LUNA (Orosei Gulf)

Cala-Gonone-e1501942047779 2

A huge beach with several high caves on the sea in the north of Orosei gulf, reachable by boat or 2 hours trekking. It’s not comfortable when the wind is from east.

There is a cheap and easy boat service from Cala Gonone. It stops first in Cala Sisine then in Cala Luna then in all the other 4 beach of the gulf. Highly recommended.

4. LA CINTA (San Teodoro)

sfondo 2

In front of San Teodoro, there is this 7 km beach, white sand, and clear water even when there are waves, on the back side a huge pond with pink flamingos.

The beach can be a very crowd in the summertime but if you reach the north side you can always find empty space, there is a boat service from the pond to the north of the beach.

5. RENA BIANCA (Santa Teresa)

santateresadigallura 2

It’s right in the center of the village of Santa Teresa when the sky is clean Corsica is visible in front of you, the colors of the sand and the water are impressive.

The cool thing is that you can stay on the beach and after a walk up to the town gets a drink watching the sunset. After strong north wind is good for surfing.