Do you like shells? Here are 5 local types that you should try

In Sardinia, we eat almost everything that comes from our fantastic sea, but we have an ancient and deep passion for every type of clams. We love them both cooked and raw. People go to get them on their own but nowadays there are professional growers who guarantee quality and safety because it’s better to be careful when eating raw food.

Mussels, oysters, razors, sea truffels: nothing is better of the raw clams to find all the taste of the sea!

Our 5 Tips

cozze-2.jpg1. Mussels

The shell is longer than it is wide. The exterior color is dark blue, blackish or brown, while the inside is silver and a little pearly. The animal to eat is orange or white. Mussels can be boiled, steamed, roasted, fried or eaten raw. It has to be checked to make sure they are still alive just before eating them. Around Olbia, you will find the best type.

apertenel-piatto-2.jpg2. Clams

They grow under the sand and catch them is a hard job, on the island the clams are smaller compare Italy and the taste is more delicate, the local name is “arselle”. Boiled with mussels are really good but the classic recipes are with spaghetti, parsley, and oil of olives. Somebody like to add on spaghetti a little bit of bottarga.

ostriche-1200x900-2.jpg3. Oysters

Oysters are harvested by simply gathering them from their beds. In very shallow waters. The oysterman scrapes oysters into a pile and then scoops them up with the rake. Here they grow mainly in the pond behind San Teodoro. Our oysters are sweet and thin and their taste perfectly matches the acidity of Sardinian Vermentino white wine.

navajas-2.jpg4. Razor Clams

The raw razor clams have a pearly color, which during cooking turn into a light beige. It’s juicy and chewy. In the oven with breadcrumbs, parsley and garlic are fantastic. It has a taste that tends to the sea and on the nose, it has pleasant marine notes, which remind us of saltiness. If you make a souse for spaghetti is always a great choice.

soute-di-taratufi-2.jpg5. Sea Truffels

The marine truffle is a mollusk that grows among the leaves of an undersea plant that takes the name of Posidonia. It lives in areas characterized by sandy bottoms. Externally it is very similar to a clam, but it is rougher and has bigger dimensions, even the mollusk itself is more fleshy and thicker. Try them raw with a little pepper.


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