5 Ways to enjoy summertime!

Summer in Sardinia is obviously the best time. During the daytime  it’s very hot but in the night it’s always cool, you sleep well and if you go around you need a jacket. The sea is the perfect playground for a lot of different sports, you’ll be shocked by the clear color of the water.

The night is plenty of stars and the atmosphere is magic

Our 5 Tips

gita-snorkeling-2.jpg1. Go Snorkeling

Swim with colorful fishes in the clear water and discover a new world underwater. The sea starts to be warm in June then is perfect until the end of September. If you want to take a boat to find places with more fishes try a Boat Tour with Ecosport Sardinia, they’ll bring you in the best lonely cove where you can go only from the sea.

coo-2.jpg2. Explore by Kayak

Challenge yourself paddling in the emerald sea, it’s easy, relaxing and fun. You’ll be impressed by how far you can easily go just with the power of your arms. Every day Ecosport Sardinia offers a fantastic Kayak Tour. They take you to the heart of the Tavolara Marine Park and bring snorkeling equipment for everyone.

wuuuuimg_7888-2.jpg3. Dive from the Rocks

Granite and clear water is the dreaming mix for dive jump. You can find easy situations for kids or high jump for tough people. The rocks are smooth so it’s comfortable for your feet even without shoes. Don’t think too much when you are on the top, just check downstairs and jump.

28-giugno-012-2.jpg4. Explore by Boat

The most unbelievable places are reachable only by boat and a local captain know always the right places to go according to the weather and the period. It’ s a must experience. A small boat is obviously the best choice. Try to contact Ecosport Sardinia, their daily Boat Tour in the Tavolara Marine Park is unforgettable.

img_9815-2.jpg5. Enjoy the Starry Sky

The night sky becomes full of millions of stars and Sardinia becomes a magical and romantic place, just lie down and watch. If you leave the inhabited places the darkness will help you see more stars, if you have a period with the Mistral wind from the northwest it will be even better.