Nightlife: 5 cool clubs!​

Nightlife begins in July and ends in September. In midsummer most clubs are open until late at night. Be careful when driving because the roads are not well lit during the night. If you drink too much, better sleep on the beach. We are not used to tip the bartenders.

If you don’t go in a disco you can dress as you like, even in shorty and flip-flops!

Our 5 Tips

untitled-design-62.jpg1. Bal Harbour

It’s a trendy restaurant in the center of San Teodoro, every day at sunset time the aperitif is really cool. You find local people and tourists. The food is pretty good so it’s nice to go for dinner and then stay for dancing. There’s a great pool beside the DJ set so bring a swimsuit even in the night.

untitled-design-52.jpg2. Rupi’s

It is a surf school, on the east beach of Porto Pollo, with a restaurant that becomes a disco every night. The aperitif at sunset is highly recommended. Food is ok, drinks are better. The place is fantastic, a long white sand beach facing the La Maddalena archipelago. There are people of all ages around the world who came here for surfing.

untitled-design1.jpg3. Lord Nelson

It’s a classic Irish pub at the sailing marina of Porto Cervo. Most of the crews that work on the racing boats go there after sailing. Really international people from everywhere. Hamburger, beer, and whiskey are excellent. You can always eat, drink or dancing until late in the night. It’s perfect before to go in a discotheque.

untitled-design-72.jpg4. Billionaire

If you want to go dancing in a discotheque this one is a great one. A luxurious place on the hills of Porto Cervo, be careful because it can be expansive especially if you book a table. People are trendy and well dressed, so if you go make sure you’re at your best. The music is fantastic, they often have famous DJ as guests. Half covered and half outdoors.

untitled-design-42.jpg5. Phi Beach

It is in an incredible location, on the Gulf of Arzachena, between granite rocks on the sea right in front of the sunset. The aperitif is obviously the best time to go there. It’s in the heart of the luxurious and fashionable Costa Smeralda, so it’s not cheap (gin tonic 15 € for example) but the music is beautiful and the atmosphere is always fun.