Enjoy the beach: 5 cool bar right on the sea!

On the island, we like spending a lot of time at the beach and a good bar is essential. Breakfast, lunch, aperitif, and dance under the stars. With emerald water in front of you! Choose the style you prefer. There are trendy places where people dress like in a discotheque or hippy bars where you drink a cocktail lying on the send. Life is a beach!

photo0jpg1.jpg 1. CALAVERAS (Porto Pollo)

Very informal atmosphere, excellent cocktails even without alcohol, vegan food aperitifs.

13139327_1142396102459819_6801917521222046624_n1.jpg2. WHITE BEACH (Golfo Aranci)

At sunset time the island of Tavolara in front of you turns orange than pink than purple.

10557247_246975882179881_2160309397307814306_n.jpg3. BLU BEACH (Porto Rotondo)

Young and trendy, cool dance music every night, you’re perfect in a tie or in a bathing suit.

15609_889909131065502_1550170756418381020_n.jpg4. 12.1 (Porto Taverna)

Great seafood and wines, 10 m from the water, they organize a dance party once a week.

lo-squalo-ristorante-11.jpg5. LO SQUALO (Pittulongu)

Great restaurant at any time. You can eat under the umbrella with your feet in the water.