Things to on a rainy day

On the island, the rain is not usually. There are a lot of things to do when it’s cloudy, just start driving around and lose yourself. You’ll be impressed by the magic atmosphere of the wild countryside.

03_rasi_skinny.jpg1. GO FOR A WINE TOUR

Taste different vintages of Vermentino white wine and Cannonau red wine matched with a goat and sheep cheeses. Bottle, cork and label your own bottle of wine and take it away.

san-valentino-offerte-2.jpg2. GIVE YOURSELF A RELAXING MASSAGE

Between an active day and a day on the beach, nothing is better than an invigorating massage and a skin cleansing in a massage center. A healthy mind in a healthy body.

1500x1500-0-70-e09085e8c5bd3acab5d34f72df9288b7.jpg3. DISCOVER MEGALITHIC CIVILIZATION

3400 years ago, the island was populated by a powerful civilization. Visit a nuragic village or a giants’ tomb and discover the energy and the mysteries of an ancient world.

img_2923-copia1.jpg4. JOIN A COOKING LESSON

Sardinian recipes come from an ancient past. Learn how to prepare spaghetti with bottarga, dried salted fish eggs, and taste the “Carasau” music paper, the shepherd’s bread.

home01-2.jpg5. VISIT THE CORK MUSEUM

The bark of cork oak is detached every 10 years, is then boiled and cut into strips from which the corks are made. It’s really interesting to understand the complete process.