Ancient wild wines

In the area of Mamoiada, the Sedilesu winery has got fifteen hectares of vineyards which are mainly cultivated with Cannonau vines trained by the alberello (bush vine) technique. Only a small part is cultivated with a white grape variety called “Granazza”. If you want a guide Ecosport Sardinia organize Wine Tour and Food Tour

This really wild area, right in the middle of the island, is called Barbagia

The 5 Best

i-vini-sedilesu.jpg1. Mammutthones

A full expression of Mamoiada’s Cannonau character: clear notes of spice and ripe fruit, a dense and fresh palate with delicate and sweet tannins and a simply unique depth.

vini_cantina_sedilesu.jpg2. Grassia

It is a pure, old-style Cannonau: warm, concentrated, alcoholic and marked by a distinctive yet balanced sweetness. It may be paired with mature cheeses and dry pastry.

sedilesu_02.jpg3. Carnevale

The aroma is marked by clear notes of spice and graphite. Full-bodied on the palate, it is vibrant and elegant, with succulent tannins. French oak casks (20% new barriques).

dsc_0213.jpg4. Ballu Tundu

It has a bold and wrapping bouquet of ripe fruit and spice. The flavor is powerful but without renouncing to excellent balance and very fine-grained tannins.

37597819_197791861084579_6089767535530475520_n.jpg5. Perda Pintà

Produced with indigenous grape of Granazza Intense notes of Mediterranean macchia combines with a full, complex, yet well-balanced palate. A deep and wrapping finish.

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