Things to do in Autumn!

Autumn is a wonderful month: the countryside is full of colors, the air starts to get a little cold and the sea is still warm. It’s great both inside and outside, and for eating of course!


There are many forests and few people, so after the rain, there are a lot of mushrooms everywhere. Porcini, ova, and chanterelles are the easiest and safest to find.

maxresdefault-2.jpg2. SAIL IN THE EMPTY SEA

It’s impressive how the sea steps from being crowded to be so wild in a few weeks. In the summer it seems to be in the Caribbean, then in the fall, it seems to be in South Africa.

z_20180530_034952233-2 2.jpg3. EAT IN A FARMHOUSE

If you really want to discover the Sardinian gastronomic tradition, you must visit a farmhouse in the countryside. Everyone eats the same menu and dinner starts at 8.00pm

dsc08281.jpg4. PADDLE INTO THE WILD

Paddle without meeting any human being. No noise in the distance and no wave from the boats. Only you with the birds, the fish and the dolphins in the silence of the sea.

untitled-design-61.jpg5. TASTE RED WINES

Our red wines are quite alcoholic because of the hot summers. Autumn is the best time to enjoy Cannonau, Carignano, Nebbiolo and all the variety of wines from dark grapes.