5 Alternative things to do

Think outside the box and live on the island with imagination and passion. Discover nature, the sunrise, the artisans, the horses … The island is located far from everything in the middle of the Mediterranean, this fact has safeguarded many ancient traditions and unique vegetation and fauna.

Find yourself into the wild!

Our 5 Tips

camping-in-the-galapagos-islands.jpg1. Wild Camping by Kayak

Wake up at sunrise in front of the sea and paddle every day between small islands, white beaches, and granite cliffs. Wild birds, dolphins and you! Do not do it in July and August.

751986077ec4ec64cdcdf4152dc2f78f.jpg2. Visit a knife manufacturer

In Sardinia we like knives. To cut the cheese, melt knots in the boat, collect the mushrooms, … There are incredible craftsmen in the village of Paddata, go take a look!

people-cooking-together-2.jpg 3. Join a Cooking Lesson

Learn to cook the ancient recipes of the island: mussels soup, spaghetti with dried and grated fish eggs called “bottarga”, honey “Seadas” and a myrtle liquor at the end.

14053662_10210603717188602_2948789461385488951_o-2.jpg4. Horseback Ride

The interior of the island is really wild and here someone still uses horses as a real means of transportation to get around. High competence in everything related to horses.

36227165_1860531130634895_192608293720424448_o.jpg5. Joga on the Beach

Yoga and beach, what a perfect combination! Say hello to a new day on the sea at sunrise. Then immerse yourself in crystal clear water and feel part of the universe.