Unique native red vines

Most of the red vines of Sardinia are grown with the “alberello” system, to keep the grapes close to the ground and to face the strong wind. Usually, the wines have an alcohol content between 14% and 16%.

Uva-1024x768.jpg1. CANNONAU

This vine is a type of Grenache and grows anywhere on the island. We are deeply connected to this grapes, to its aroma and its flavor, which represent an indispensable element of our daily lives and culture.

alberello-e-sabbia.jpg2. CARIGNANO

It is a vigorous vineyard that grows well along the coasts as it is resistant to salty winds and spring chills. Especially produced in the south-west, it is a wine of great complexity and elegance, which lends itself to long aging.

vitigni_sardegna_mandrolisai.jpg3. MONICA

Monica is one of the oldest and most cultivated vines on the island. The beautiful ruby red color, the aromas of red fruits and the soft tannins make it the perfect wine to serve fresh during the summer.

grappolo_uva_mandrolisai.jpg4. MURISTELLU

Muristellu is a vine imported by the Spanish around 1300. In the last years is having an exceptional qualitative evolution. It loves hilly terrain lashed by salty air and gives dark, tannic and full-bodied wines.

21980580_1901039053478661_3152865698775040000_n.jpg5. CARICAGIOLA

A bright red wine with aromas of red fruits, rich in tannins, fresh and harmonious. His name refers to the abundance of his production, in fact, “black Caricagiola” means “black that gives a lot of grapes”.