Vegetarian cheeses into the future

Giovanni Agostino Curreli’s artisan cheese factory Erkìles is the first company in Sardinia that receives the “Vegetarian Quality” ® certification for the production of Pecorino cheeses using only vegetable rennet.

11187219_845614375475009_1937833065497409634_o.jpg1. AROMATIZZATO

Hard, raw, table and grating cheese. The pasta has a compact structure and aging matures strong flavors. Flavored with a natural humming treatment with Mediterranean leaves

DSC04728.jpg2. OVINO

It is a semi-cooked cheese, table, and grater, produced with vegetable rennet and made seasonally from heat-treated milk from sheep reared on pasture

dsc04742.jpg3. MAIMONE

It is a semi-hard, cooked and grated cheese produced seasonally from raw milk of sheep reared on pasture

11138567_831364463566667_1939519410156005235_n.jpg4. CACIOTTA

It is a raw table cheese with a sweet and aromatic flavor. Fresh pasteurized whole sheep’s milk; lactic ferments; salt; coagulant produced by the thistle and mushroom.

10479596_717301624972952_8301483662389691932_n.jpg5. RICOTTA

It is slightly salty and has a compact consistency, excellent as a grater. Used in tomato salads, flakes on pasta etc …