Vegetarian cheeses into the future

The artisan dairy Erkìles di Giovanni Agostino Curreli is the first company in Sardinia to receive the “Vegetarian Quality” certification for the production of pecorino cheeses using exclusively vegetable rennet. Giovanni and his family are very friendly and enthusiastic, contact them and ask if it is possible to arrange a visit. You’ll find yourself in the middle of nowhere, you’ll find yourself in the wild Barbagia.

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In the small village of Olzai, right in the center of the island, the best cheese of Sardinia

The 5 Best

11187219_845614375475009_1937833065497409634_o.jpg1. Aromatizzato

Hard, raw, table and grating cheese. The pasta has a compact structure and aging matures strong flavors. Flavored with a natural humming treatment with Mediterranean leaves

DSC04728.jpg2. Ovino

It is a semi-cooked cheese, table, and grater, produced with vegetable rennet and made seasonally from heat-treated milk from sheep reared on pasture

dsc04742.jpg3. Maimone

It is a semi-hard, cooked and grated cheese produced seasonally from raw milk of sheep reared on pasture

11138567_831364463566667_1939519410156005235_n.jpg4. Caciotta

It is a raw table cheese with a sweet and aromatic flavor. Fresh pasteurized whole sheep’s milk; lactic ferments; salt; coagulant produced by the thistle and mushroom.

10479596_717301624972952_8301483662389691932_n.jpg5. Ricotta

It is slightly salty and has a compact consistency, excellent as a grater. Used in tomato salads, flakes on pasta etc …

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