Best ways to experience the winter!

Winter is fantastic: wild nature and nobody around. Ok, the water is too cold to swim, but a hot and sunny day with 20 ° C can also happen in January and there are some activities that work better in winter because it’s not too hot.


It is the best time to ride on solitary beaches and in the waves at any time of the day. Horses do not like the heat and winter is their favorite period. Horses are very popular and loved on the island, you can find guided tours anywhere on the island.

23-lug-iceland-045.jpg2. KAYAKING ALONE ON THE EMERALD SEA

The sea is deserted except for a few small fishing boats and there are a lot of wild birds and dolphins more than at any other season. Check the weather forecast carefully before the start. You can find guided kayak tours all year round at Ecosport Sardinia.

f52c7c1663feaa8eefed795b56bbaea3-2.jpg3. EAT MEAT END DRINK RED WINE

Like everywhere in Italy, food, and wine are fantastic in Sardinia. At this time of year, there are no tourists, so only real food for locals. Try a farmhouse to discover traditional recipes. The menu is fixed and everyone eats the same things at the same time.

sardinia-adventure-hiking-001-2.jpg4. HIKING INTO THE WILD

Hiking in winter is ideal, the temperature is around 10 ° C, so do not sweat too much and you can easily go where you want. There are hundreds of wonderful paths by the sea: Mediterranean “macchia”, flowers, turtles, granite rocks, hawks, junipers, …

ba07c0efbfceaac831ba7c812717f2d3-2.jpg5. WATCH A STORM ON THE SEA

Watching the stormy sea from a window by the fireplace is a deep pleasure, there are so many shades of blue and gray. If the wind blows strongly from the north, you should go to the Capo Testa lighthouse to watch the waves crashing against the granite rocks.