Wine Tour: enjoy cellar and vineyards

Join a Wine Tour with Ecosport Sardinia! Discover the vineyards and the cellar with the local winemaker. Bottle, cork and label your own bottle of wine and bring it home. Taste several vintages of Vermentino white wine and Cannonau red wine combined with a selection of organic goat and sheep cheeses. Prepare spaghetti with bottarga (dried and grated fish eggs).

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At sunset, a myrtle liquor on the terrace overlooking the vineyards.

The 5 Highlights

france-wine-harvest-2010-9-20-10-12-7.jpg1. Taste Graps from th Plants

Nothing allows you to understand more about wine than walking in the vineyard, you can smell the perfumes, touch the earth, feel the wind and the sun. As the grape!

dsc_0207.jpg 2. Taste wine from the Barrels

In the cellar, you feel the tradition and understand innovation. Good wine is always alive, tasting it from the barrels as it evolves is a lifetime experience!

img_5193.jpg3. Bottle, Cork and Label your own Bottle

Fill and cork your bottle, draw the label and glue it, like a little winemaker. It’s a lifetime experience and you build a homemade souvenir to take home.

fairview-tasting-room-gallery-7.jpg4. Combine Wines and Cheesees

Food and wine always go together, there is no reason to eat without drinking or drinking without eating. Discover how to combine acidity, fat, flavor and much more!

spaghetti-alla-bottarga-di-lesina-06.jpg 5. Prepare Spaghetti with Bottarga

The bottarga, salted and dried fish eggs, is a unique product of the island from a far past. Learn how to prepare and enjoy this traditional recipe, it will be easy to do at home!

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