Lo Squalo: a seafood restaurant by the sea

Lo Squalo Restaurant is eally romantic at sunset: in the background, the island of Tavolara becomes pink then the sky is filled with stars and the moon shines on the sea. On the beach of Pittulongu, few miles north of Olbia.

When the mistral wind blows strong here it is protected and the colors of the sea, sky and stars are at their best!

The 5 Highlights

37973522_1917159114993938_7571362103953457152_n-31.jpg1. Right on the Sea

Eating listening to the lapping of the waves is really relaxing and there is often live music. A glass of wine watching the sunset and a romantic walk in the moonlight or even a dive into the sea at night.

37179944_1896743770368806_8504274432808714240_n.jpg2. Luxury Seafood Recipes

Traditional Sardinian dishes and modern recipes, excellent desserts and a good selection of local and international wines. Try Vermentino with seafood and Malvasia at the end of the meal!

44231251_2029097670466748_4731682577134387200_o.jpg3. Wood Oven for Pizza

Fresh and quality ingredients, a dough leavened slowly, a good pizza maker and a wood oven. Simple things, but you know that the more simple things are, the harder it is to do them well.

21200738_1579764658733387_8416772210828735739_o.jpg4. Idealfor Wedding

Getting married at the beach on the island is a memorable experience. Here they organize everything up to the smallest details, such as music for dancing or babysitting for the little ones.

45737171_2058730230836825_2718040383639519232_o.jpg5. Seasonal MenĂº

What makes Italian cooking exceptional and that the recipes change with the seasons, so you always use the freshest products that are also the healthiest ones for that time of year.

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