Where stay? Here are 5 types of cool accommodations

There are so many different types of accommodations, from luxury hotels to budget campsites, from bed & breakfasts in city centers to farmhouseoos in the countryside, or why not a boat moored in a marina?

Remember when you choose that summer is very hot but autumn and spring can also be cool

Our 5 Tips

z_20180530_034952233-2.jpg1. Farmhause in the Wild Countryside

Sleep in the silence and in the scent of nature. Perfect to avoid the heat, especially in the middle of the summer. The traditional dinner under the oak is a lifetime experience!

134271224-2.jpg2. Sailboat Mooreed in a Marina

Sleep cradled by the lapping of the waves. Enjoy a romantic dinner on board under the thousand stars and the Sardinian. Wake up in the scent and the colors of the sea.

16446195-2.jpg3. Bungalow on the Emerald Sea

What’s better than wake up and dive into the sea? This campsite in front of La Maddalena archipelago is cheap and beautiful. Bungalows are small but comfortable.

99373332-2.jpg4. B&B in the center of Olbia

If you like to party at night or go for romantic restaurants this is the right choice for you. The city center is the typical Mediterranean port with lots of narrow streets on the sea.

15_g-2.jpg5. Luxury Hotel on a White Sandy Beach

The real luxury is to have contact with the natural environment with all the comforts of the city. Like a glass of cold white wine in a warm spa after an active day at the beach.