The food guide Luciano

Luciano grows up in Rome and moved to Olbia 30 years ago to live by the sea with his Sardinian wife. Author of two books about Mediterranean fish and about the infamous Olbia mussels and clams, you can call him a foodie, he won’t get upset. Nowadays he takes tourists and locals on short cruises and manages culinary experiences where he cooks traditional recipes in innovative ways.

You can meet him daily at the Food Tour of Ecosport Sardinia or on the boat of Insula Felix

His 5 Tips

muriscu1. Pick up Fresh Fruits
Sardinian fruits are fantastic, and one of the most pleasant of activities is walking around the countryside and pick up fresh fruits straight from the plants.

local-cheese2. Cheese and Salami
Sardinian cheese, especially Pecorino (from sheep’s milk) is among the best in the world and is very easy to find it around, but strolling in a local market and taste some of them with dry sausage and salami is fantastic!

pesce-locale 23. Eat Local Fish
Mediterranean sea has a large variety of fishes, and often the smaller is the best. Try Triglia (Red Mullet) fried or with a tasty tomato sauce: you won’t be disappointed!

Cozze.jpg4. Eat Raw Mussels
Only the bravest tourist have the guts to eat raw mussels, but we have to tell you a secret: they are better than oysters!

Carasau2.jpg5. Hand Made “Carasau” Bread
Once the bread for the shepherds (going away from the villages with sheep for a long time) as it can last for weeks or even months, is a fantastic resource nowadays. You can use as a regular bread or make up new fantastic recipes for it!

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