Which red wines? Here are 5 excellent ideas

Sardinia is one of the Blue Zones in the world, with a huge part of the population living beyond 100 years old. Experts say it’s because of the great wines in the region. If you want to know more about it you can join a Wine Tour with Ecosport Sardinia. In a small winery, you learn how to bottle. In the end, you bring your wine at home.

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The sun makes our wines rather alcoholic, usually red wines are around 15%

Our 5 Tips

untitled-design-61 2.jpg1. Zòiosu (Masone Mannu Winery)

Zojosu is a red wine obtained from pure Cannonau grapes from the surrounding vineyards at Tenute Masone Mannu. A ruby red wine with garnet reflections. In the mouth, it is fresh and soft with a right amount of tannins and a long finish of ripe fruit. It goes well with red meat, roasts, and game. Serve at a temperature of 18-20 C°.

img_9578-2.jpg2. Buio Buio (Mesa Winery)

Buio Buio is a red wine from Carignano del Sulcis grapes. Ruby red wine with cherry reflections. Limpid and consistent. On the palate, it is rich, full and satisfying. It brings simultaneously fresh and balsamic notes of fresh red fruit and flowers. Accompanies game, wild boar and sour and mature cheeses.

untitled-design-41.jpg3. Mammutthones (Sedilesu Winery)

It’s the Cannonau typical of Mamoiada, a small village nestled in the middle of Barbagia. It’s obtained from grapes produced in really old vines, aged in cask for 12 months. From brilliant ruby red color and fruity aroma, elegant on the palate despite 15 degrees of alcohol, dry, fresh and lightly tannic. Pairing with red meat and medium-aged cheeses.

untitled-design-71.jpg4. Turriga (Argiolas Winery)

It’s a red wine obtained from Cannonau, Carignano, Bovale Sardo and Malvasia Nera grapes. Intense ruby red wine, with a rich and complex bouquet. On the palate, it has a great structure, balanced, fine and persistent. It goes perfectly with wild boar, game, red meats and seasoned cheese. Serve at a temperature of 18 C°.

untitled-design-81.jpg5. Barrosu (Montisci Winery)

Barrosu Riserva is a red wine obtained from Cannonau grapes in purity. It is the Cannonau typical of Mamoiada, a small village nestled in the middle of Barbagia. The fermentation takes place in small vats of L. 1000 for about 25 days, the aging for 12 months in cask and then 3 months in bottle. It’s not a wine for everybody.

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