Snorkeling: 5 spots nearby Olbia!

Visibility in Sardinia is fantastic both in the air and in the sea, so grab a mask and discover a new underwater world: starfish, octopus and hundreds of colorful fish. There are no dangers, just be careful not to step on a sea urchin, they are not poisonous but really painful. Swim gently, move slowly, breathe relaxed and think like a fish!

The water is warm enough for swimming from May to October.

Our 5 Tips

b-2-1.jpg1. Punta Molara

A small beach protected from northern winds. There is a large granite rock on the left with beautiful submarine canyons. It’s not easy to arrive by land, it’s better by the sea. There is a Kayak Tour from the beach of Le Farfalle that stops there.

Gita-snorkeling-2-1.jpg2. Cala Greca

You need to reach the fishing village of Golfo Aranci (try the panoramic train), then walk for 10 minutes to Cala Greca, here you follow a path and after the old English cemetery is the Cala Graca fjord. It is the best spot for snorkeling reachable from the land.

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12-13-14-lug-bkb-107 2.jpg3. Porto Casu

Fish love isolated places, so boating somewhere far into the sea is a great way to meet more. Try a Boat Tour around the small islands north of Capo Ceraso: so wild and so close to Olbia. If you go by car, be careful because the road is very rough.

6.jpg4. Molara Island

On the south-western side of the island of Molara, there is a place called the pools where the water has an incredible light color. Try to throw a piece of bread in the sea and hundreds of fish will swim around you without fear. By the sea only.

IMG_4296-2 2.jpg5. Island of Proratora

If you are a beginner, start where the water is not too deep. Relax and concentrate on breathing. This small island at the end of Capo Coda Cavallo is perfect for both diving and enjoying the beach. Reachable by kayak, boat or even swimming.