Food Tour: eat and cook like locals do

If you want to understand how Sardinian think and live, nothing is better then to cook ancient traditional recipes with a local chef. Fresh vegetable from the organic garden,  mussols soup, spaghetti with bottarga.

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Easy preparation with unique natural ingredients, this is the beginning of the secret…

The 5 Highlights

saute-di-cozze-2.jpg1. Prepare Mussels Soup

In the Gulf of Olbia, some of the tastiest mussels of the Mediterranean are grown. Learn how to clean them and how to cook a classic Sardinian meal starter.

spaghetti-con-la-bottarga-di-tonno-2-3 3.jpg2. Prepare Spaghetti with Bottarga

The bottarga is the eggs of the mullet fish, salted and dried in the mistral wind. It’s a really ancient recipe: you scratch the bottarga like a parmigiana, then add olive oil, …

seadas-2.jpg3. Prepare Honey Seadas

Cheese and honey are among the best Sardinian products. Put the cheese in two slices of puff pastry, fried them to squeeze the cheese inside and add honey everywhere.

fairview-tasting-room-gallery-7.jpg4.Taste Wines with Organic Cheeses

Visit the winery and taste the Cannonau red wines and Vermentino white wines. Learn to combine them with a selection of organic goat, cow and sheep cheese.

26202-final-2.jpg5. Eat by the Vineyards

After working in the kitchen, enjoy the meal we prepared together on the cellar terrace. All the recipes are really easy to make so you can do the same at home.

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