The winemaker Roberto

Roberto Gariup was born and raised in Friuli. A historical wine region in the northeast of Italy, famous for dry white wines. He arrived on the island in 2006 to join his Sardinian wife Marianna, and here he produced unforgettable wines for several wineries. Today he’s one of the main experts in Sardinia of skin contact wines.

His touch is elegant and brave, he puts the whole island in a sip of wine.

His 5 Masterpieces

panzale-cantina-berritta-vino-dorgali.jpg1. Panzale 2015 (Berritta Winery)

It comes from the cultivation of an old grape variety that gives us a white wine with a great aromatic impact, a distinct freshness, and a persistent mineral and sapid note.

photo-2019-01-16-18-35-102. Abal’Abà 2016 (Venas)

Abalabà is white wine made from Vermentino grapes, skin contact for 14 days then aged in small oak barrels. It reminds wines from the border between Italy and Slovenia.

47-giorni-1170x5293. 47Giorni 2017 (Secret Winery)

An overwhelming white wine, which tells about that hot and dry summer in the island. An African wine, skin contact for 47 days: mineral, sapid and tannic.

PHOTO-2019-01-16-18-35-09.jpg4. Tanca Raina 2017 (Cau Winery)

From the hills that surmount the small village of Monti comes this Vermentino di Gallura Superior. A white wine fruity and soft, enveloping with a strong hint of almond on the persistent finish.

photo-2019-01-17-10-31-005. Entu 2011 (Masone Mannu Winery)

It’s a red wine obtained from Carignano and Cannonau grapes. The nose is full of small fruit undergrowth. A warm and wide start in the mouth, then ripe flavors are felt – very thick. [fareharbor shortname=”ecosportsardinia” fallback=”simple” full_items=”yes” flow=”137075″ items=”128473″ type=”responsive”]