Dolphins: how and where to meet them

First of all: you do not find the dolphins but the dolphins that find you! Seeing them is a fantastic experience that makes everyone happy and warms your heart all day! In recent years there are more and more dolphins in Sardinia, bottlenose dolphins to be exact.

They jump, they swim fast, they appear, and they disappear…

Our 5 Tips

golfo-aranci11. Walking to Cala Moresca

There’s a family of 10 dolphins living in front of the island of Figarolo. Watch the sea…

dolphin21.jpg2. During a Boat Tour

Dolphins like the open sea so going out with a boat is the way to meet them more easly

maxresdefault.jpg3. Visiting the Tavolara Marine Park

A protected area of 15.000 ha since 1997 where the dolphins feel comfortable and safe

page_24_213_img_1340-copia-21.jpg4. During a Kayak Tour

It happens to meet the dolphins especially on the cloudy days of autumn and springtumblr_nqx7myq44f1qzz08jo1_1280.jpg5. Swimming at sunset

Dolphins like to play in the calm and warm water at the end of the day. You should try..