Heaven on earth: small islands in the north-east

In the northeast, there are many small islands, one more beautiful than the other. A Boat Tour is a perfect way to explore the area and to avoid the crowds during the high season. Sail on the emerald sea between white beaches and small islands. Meet wild herons, seagulls, and cormorants. Immerse yourself in crystal clear water. Snorkel with colorful fish, octopus, starfish, … and relax on the worm send.

By boat you can find a lonely beach even in the middle of the summer.

Our 5 Tips

pf_box_img_31. Molara

It’s famous for a place called “the pools” on the southwest of the island. You can reach this crystal clear water area by boat or kayak, try the tours of Ecosport Sardinia.

img-20171025-wa00042. Tavolara

The symbol of the city of Olbia. It comes out of the sea with its height of 565 meters. You can reach it by ferry from Porto San Paolo in 15 minutes. No cars. Great also for trekking.

coticcio_home.jpg3. Caprera

You can reach it by driving. There is a ferry every 30 minutes from Palau to La Maddalena, then after a few minutes of scenic sea roads, there is a bridge that leads to this island.

cala-gavetta14. La Maddalena

It is the only inhabited island of the La Maddalena Archipelago, a perfect place to stay overnight. A cute little fishing village in the evening and beautiful beaches during the day.

52798aab8f86c0f4f189325f36c255063acda295.jpg5. Cavalló

The island is located in French territory, in the middle of the channel between Sardinia and Corsica. A really windy and wild place. There is only one luxury hotel. Super beautiful.