The kayak guide Tommaso

Tommaso was born in Bologna in the north of Italy and he arrived in Sardinia at the age of 19 for windsurfing. Nowadays he’s really involved in the production of Vermentino skin contact wine.

You can meet him every day on the Kayak Tour of Ecosport Sardinia.

His 5 Tips

2621031 2.jpg1. Sunset at Capo Testa (Santa Teresa di Gallura)

Sit down on the rock you prefer and enjoy the most mystical sunset in Sardinia. When the Mistral wind blows hard, the waves break on the cliffs and produce high splashes.

snorkeling.jpg2Snorkeling at Cala Graca (Golfo Aranci)

Dive in this emerald paradise to swim with colorful fish, octopus, and starfish. The water starts to heat up in June, so it’s perfect until the end of September even without a wetsuit.

10300210_436341876508723_4715315730501677206_n.jpg3Restaurant Manzoni (Golfo Aranci)

This is a restaurant where the locals go all year long. It is located in a small fishing village, 100 meters from the port. Go when the sea is calm, fishing boats do not work when it’s windy

malvasia-porcu-1-5.jpg4.  Malvasia White Wine (from Bosa)

It is an ancient wine, straw-colored with golden reflections thanks to the oxidized tones. It is alcoholic, dry and warm. Visiting the cellars of Bosa is a dive into an unknown past.

spaghetti-con-la-bottarga-di-tonno-2-3.jpg5. Spaghetti with Bottarga

The bottarga is made from mullet fish eggs, salted by hand and then dried by the wind. Scratch the bottarga, add the olive oil and the parsley. Spaghetti will come as a marvel.
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The winemaker Roberto

Roberto Gariup was born and raised in Friuli. A historical wine region in the northeast of Italy, famous for dry white wines. He arrived on the island in 2006 to join his Sardinian wife Marianna, and here he produced unforgettable wines for several wineries. Today he’s one of the main experts in Sardinia of skin contact wines.

His touch is elegant and brave, he puts the whole island in a sip of wine.

His 5 Masterpieces

panzale-cantina-berritta-vino-dorgali.jpg1. Panzale 2015 (Berritta Winery)

It comes from the cultivation of an old grape variety that gives us a white wine with a great aromatic impact, a distinct freshness, and a persistent mineral and sapid note.

photo-2019-01-16-18-35-102. Abal’Abà 2016 (Venas)

Abalabà is white wine made from Vermentino grapes, skin contact for 14 days then aged in small oak barrels. It reminds wines from the border between Italy and Slovenia.

47-giorni-1170x5293. 47Giorni 2017 (Secret Winery)

An overwhelming white wine, which tells about that hot and dry summer in the island. An African wine, skin contact for 47 days: mineral, sapid and tannic.

PHOTO-2019-01-16-18-35-09.jpg4. Tanca Raina 2017 (Cau Winery)

From the hills that surmount the small village of Monti comes this Vermentino di Gallura Superior. A white wine fruity and soft, enveloping with a strong hint of almond on the persistent finish.

photo-2019-01-17-10-31-005. Entu 2011 (Masone Mannu Winery)

It’s a red wine obtained from Carignano and Cannonau grapes. The nose is full of small fruit undergrowth. A warm and wide start in the mouth, then ripe flavors are felt – very thick. [fareharbor shortname=”ecosportsardinia” fallback=”simple” full_items=”yes” flow=”137075″ items=”128473″ type=”responsive”]

Typical products you must try

Up until 50 years ago, most people had their vineyard for wine, their sheep for cheese, their bread oven. Today it has changed a bit, but everything is working only for quality. The fact that we live in an isolated island in the middle of the Mediterranean sea has protected several incredible products from modernity, there are things that exist only in Sardinia!

Join a tour at Ecosport Sardinia to discover the tradition tasting amazing food and wines

Our 5 Tips

1. Pecorino Cheese

Pecorino has a very old tradition together with the breeding of sheep, in our days the sheep still live wild on the island and eat a huge variety of seasonal herbs. It is made in two versions: young or aged. The young Pecorino Sardo PDO is about 1-2 months, while the aged one is more than 6 months old.

2. Bottarga

The bottarga is obtained from the eggs of the mullet. It is massaged by hand to eliminate air pockets, then dried and seasoned with sea salt for a few weeks. The result is a hard, dry slab covered with natural egg coating. Excellent scratched on spaghetti or sliced with fresh tomatoes.

3. “Carasu” Bread

It is thin and crunchy bread cooked in the oven, made with durum wheat flour, salt, yeast, and water, then separates it into two sheets that are cooked again. The recipe is very old and was invented by shepherds, who stay away from home for months. The “Carasau” bread can last up to a year without any chemicals.

4. Ricotta Cheese

Ricotta is a cheese made from sheep’s milk, cow’s or goat’s whey left over from cheese production. It is excellent with oil and salt or with honey or jam. It is highly perishable so it is better to eat it in a few days. However, it is also produced in smoked varieties that are conservable for much longer.

5. Olive Oil

The olives here are of a small and green variety. It is made anywhere on the island with a slight difference between each area. Cold pressing is the most important feature. Our oil is delicate and subtle, perfect with fish recipes, ricotta and obviously bread. We are used to cooking “Carasau” bread with oil and salt, so it became the “Guttiau” bread.
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